Mimosas for the Mrs.

If you saw our recent post on my top bridal shower hosting tips, you’ll remember my touching on the cocktail station I had at Christine’s shower. Knowing I wanted it to be some sort of mimosa, I had a few things in mind. I didn’t want traditional mimosas, and I wanted it to be a spot for some fun interaction. Variety & customization got that job done. To add to their bubbly, the ladies chose from orange, grapefruit, pineapple, or peach juice.  Most important- this mimosa must contain St. Germain. Because let’s be honest, a splash of St. Germain makes every cocktail tastier & classier. Its just so Gatsby.

For a signature drink bar, you always want to give guests some sort of direction as they begin to customize. I turned to Etsy for a unique custom sign that would not only give the drink’s recipe and instructions but would also add more detailed touches to the decor.  Ruby Ridge Studios designed a beautiful watercolored sign for me and let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint! Check out her store & just let yourself indulge in her fabulous oh-so-pretty designs.


mimosa collage 2


Stay tuned to see how else I turned to Etsy for some shower planning help!





A nice warm welcome greeting with a splash of some French ‘tude. I’m so stinkin’ excited to brag on T’Frere’s House– our favorite little dollhouse in the world. This is indeed the spot we called home during many long, exhausting trips filled with cake tastings, venue visits, & florist meetings for my ‘destination wedding’. Since God brought me to call Nashville home nearly 3 years ago, I’m now quite the distance from my whole family, hence why the amazing and oh-so-selfless Mr. Ghumm allowed me to bring our fling to my hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. The house became the backdrop for my wedding day photos, that surpassed even my craziest daydreams.







Collage 1 revised

This little Acadian gem goes by T’Frere’s House and is yes- quite the “boutique bed & breakfast”. It highlights my colorful Cajun culture, which I’m so proud of. Speaking of Cajuns- we’re known for our cookin’. The house (more specifically Kayla, the Innkeeper) gives you that. Kayla and the staff are crazy wonderful; allowing me and my golden elves to turn the parlor into a bridal bonanza workshop. The uniquely divine historic home (said to be haunted by the “little brother” aka “t’frere” himself) is where I spent the most exciting moments of my life thus far, all leading up to my most perfect day with the most perfect man. Here y’all are seeing some of my most treasured moments, captured by the most wonderful Julie Paisley.


collage 7

If you ever find yourself in Cajun Country- go let our home become your home too.

xxoo, Mrs. Ghumm

7 Tips: bridal shower hosting worth boasting

If you’re playing host for a bridal shower, chances are its for someone ya love a lot. Make sure you do it right by taking some of my pointers after throwing a bridal bash for my newly hitched best girl this past summer. Best advice: soak it all in because this precious time flies like the bouquet over her shoulders will in a few months!


1. TALK TO THE BRIDE. Before you spend hours planning and pinning the perfect shower, ask the bride if she has any requests on theme, venue, even guest list. This way you can plan everything according to her wants/needs.

IMG_82282. MUSIC. After attending MANY showers this past year, Christine and I realized that music is vital and the first thing that initially sets the mood. So 1, make sure you got it! Nothing worse than deafening silence while the bride’s introducing her family with the soon-to-be in-laws for the first time. 2nd, choose the proper playlist. 3rd, find the volume sweet spot.

3. SEATING. Probably the toughest part when it came to Christine’s shower. Since it was held at her parent’s house, we went for an intimate “living room” feel while she opened gifts, with all the seating set to be focused on her. We used this couch since its tradition in her family for the bride to sit between mama and mama-in-law. Don’t be afraid to bring in seating from all over the house. We both love the mismatched look.IMG_8231


4. GAMES. Bridal Bingo! Easy-to-make templates and just as easy instructions, and a great guest ice-breaker. As the gifts were being brought in from the gift table & set up around Christine, everyone was instructed to fill in their bingo squares with guesses of gifts they thought she would receive. Lets be honest- watching someone IMG_8271open gifts for two hours will get pretty boring. An interactive game like this prevents a bride from having a silent room full of eyes staring and checking their watches every 5 minutes.



5. TO DRINK OR NOT TO DRINK? Alcohol or not. Typically one of the “big” decisions for a daytime shower. For Christine’s, I decided to do a St. Germain Mimosa bar. Deliciously light and fruity drink- perfect for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The bar set-up was a fun way for the guests to make their own mimosa concoctions. This also allowed for the younger girlies to make theirs using the fruit and juice, simply minus bubbly & booze.

6. FOOD. Have a variety of finger food options & desserts. This makes it easy when serving a lot of guests and trying to please everyone’s palate. Most women at daytime showers will only grab small plates for bites here and there, rather than filling a plate with a full meal.Untitled-3

7. CHILL OUT. If you are a Type-A planner like I am, pulling together such a special event like a bridal shower for your BFF can easily become overwhelming. Remember this is all about joyful celebrating! Its okay if its not perfect because 9 times out of 10 you have an amazing bride who is just so happy that you put the whole day together FOR HER. So enjoy it together, and have fun!

shower christine

xxoo, Jessica