best hair secret

So, do you wanna know a secret? We have kept this little product with us at all times since we found it last summer. We actually call it hair crack. Once you try it you will never do your hair without it.For real it’s addicting. Are you sick of teasing your hair? Sick of your hair always being flat to your head a couple hours after you do it? So were we. Luckily, somehow my wonderful mother randomly bought L’anza Powder Up Texturizer. It comes in a little bottle that feels like nothing is in there, but it’s filled with magical fairy dust that gives you that Va Va Voom look! When you sprinkle it in your hair, just fluff up your hair and you will feel it start to texturize. When you are done it actually feels like you just teased your hair. Its fabulous! You can get this at some Ulta locations, but you can search for a salon that sells it near you!

So if you want hair like Carrie Underwood, the Kardashians, and all those other fabulous haired celebs… get you some hair crack!



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