mason jar madness

My entire cup cabinet is lined with nothing but mason jars. Big. Small. Medium. Smooth. Textured. I love ’em all! There’s something about sippin’ sweet tea out of a mason jar that makes me feel all southern and cute. I could be in the midst of an all-nighter with eye bags drooping to my neck, rocking legs that have may or may not have been shaved in three days, but if I’m sippin’ out of that mason jar, I might as well be skipping through pastures of sunflowers with my long, beautiful locks flowing down the back of my precious floral sundress. (These are my daydreams, anyway.) There’s just something adorable, comforting, and therapeutic about these little glass treasures.

Long story short, you can get a case of the Ball jars at most grocery stores, Sam’s, anywhere. For cheap! (I got a case of 12 at HEB for about $7 and they may be cheaper somewhere else!) The exciting news is they’re good for even more than a cold drink, holding flowers, or jams and jellies. Here are some of my favorite ideas right now:

This seems easy enough, right? I would love this for above a buffet table at a wedding or shower.

Hanging from a tree outside, possibly?!

Ok, genius.

2- Need storage for a craft room, pantry, laundry room, classroom, office, etc., buy a cute, cheap shelf from Ikea and hot glue the lids under!

3- What girl couldn’t benefit from this, really? Wood slab and buy this little gadgets at any hardware store. A few screws and voila!

4- Again, genius. Supper glue little action figures and paint to match the lid. Make cleaning what..??….Fun?! I said it! By the way, these are pickle jars. Which could be equally as fun. (If they’re cleaned well.)

Party favors!! CUTE party favors!! Make it personal, while keeping it still affordable and ADORABLE!

5- Find your favorite ingredients to whip up a homemade sugar scrub and jar up for all your leading ladies! Find mini wooden spoons and attach around rim with some cute twine or string. A lovely label never hurt anybody, either :)

6- Ingredients for baking a sweet treat. This is the most clever thing I’ve ever heard of. So easy, girly, and just a heart massager if you ask me!

Back to what drew my heart in to begin with. Treats and sweets over ice in mason jars. Absolutely love it.

7-slice cake and layer up with all the fixin’s, fillin’s, & frostin’s. (I’m aware I’m taking the southern slang a bit far, guilty as charged)

8- Fill ’em up and ice in a bucket or line the drink area with ice & straw filled jars ready to go! I’ve seen before where a tiny hole was drilled in the lid for a straw, which is PERFECT for preventing spilled out of the slippery little hands at the party.

A few other ideas I had thought I might have to try:

Prayer Jars: Decorate the lids and sides of two jars, labeling one with Philippians 4:6: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” When you have worries, stresses, doubts, moments of weakness, write them on scraps of paper and add them to the jar. Go back every once in a while, read them back, and as God has answered that prayer for you in faith, add the paper to the second jar labeled Matthew 21:22: “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive”. Encouraging way to surrender to the Lord, and witness His goodness & love in a tangible way!

Place settings: At a wedding or event, place at each setting, a mason jar with twine around the neck attached to label with that guests name. This marks their spot, and labels their drink for the evening!

Reward/Date Jar: For kids, have a reward jar. When they do something nice for someone else, show good manners, receive a praise at school, allow them a pick from the “rewards jar”. Things can include trip to the snow cone shop, staying up an extra 30 minutes, etc. Date jar is filled with ideas for fun dates and can either be used when you’re both stumped on how to spend the afternoon, or you can both designate a “date jar day”. Continuously add ideas as you think of them, and once they’re used, save them to start all over when done. God made me to be a wife. Can’t wait.

Lastly (so I don’t keep rambling), create a fun table/booth at your wedding near the guest sign-in table with a few large jars labeled with things like: Why I love the bride/groom, Why the bride & groom were made for one another, Date ideas for the bride & groom, Favorite memory of this special day, etc. Spread cute paper scraps with pens and markers all over table. How super fun for the newlyweds to read together post honeymoon and collage in a frame or just tucked away somewhere (perhaps in the MASON JAR they came in..) for sweet reading for years to come.

Black and White Silhouettes Brightly Colored Thanks Pretty in Pink

GENIUS TIP: (I’ve used this on millions of glass containers- paint the inside! (pour some in, roll it around, dry upside down on newspaper)

Hope I didn’t bore you all, suppose I just got a little carried away. Let me know what y’all think and I would adore to hear all of your suggestions.



*all photos via Pinterest

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