diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Christine has been talking about getting her Aggie ring literally since we started college. She is so excited to have that gold ring around her finger. Being a student at SMU, I didn’t really care  much about my college ring. I knew I wanted one, but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of the SMU ring and i mainly wanted one just for a keepsake. It’s very VERY plain, nothing like the Aggie ring, and just not something I would wear everyday.

A couple weeks ago, Christine showed me a picture of an Aggie ring that had been enhanced with a touch of diamonds. It had two identical diamond rings on either side of the Aggie ring. We were both blown away by how feminine and even more beautiful it made the ring look.

After viewing all the stunning pictures, I knew exactly what I wanted for graduation! The little genius who thought of this amazing addition to class rings is Emily Huskinson! Emily is an Aggie who partnered up with Scott Polk, President of Lyles-DeGrazier. I was one happy girl when I discovered Lyles-DeGrazier was in Dallas and pretty much sprinted over there to give them my ring.

Let’s face it we all love diamonds, so why wouldn’t you want to add some bling to that ring of yours! The two bands of diamonds which encase the ring is called a ring wrap. They can do any school ring, and even customize the wrap anyway you want.

Right now, my ring wrap is being made to fit my SMU class ring and I’m SOO excited to see it. I will post many pictures asap when I get it in for all of you to see!

If you are like me and never wear your class ring because its plain and not girly, then look into a ring wrap. Best little invention ever. We love it!

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