brush butt bumps bye-bye!

Dimples can either be absolutely precious, or make you want to stay in summer hideout- allllll depending on which cheeks they’re found on. Well for quite some time now, I’ve been so excited about writing this post. My mom helped me with a lot of this information, after popping into a “cellulite 101” class on a cruise back in January given by a very reputable physician. (Not like cellulite is anything of an issue for my pint-sized mama.) But she was able to give her bootylicious daughter some good tips! This first interesting thing (that I’m sure many have heard but not fully understood) is that while cellulite is, yes, related to fat, fat is not the primary cause. Think about it. Chunky kiddos and fat men don’t have cottage cheese legs, and some teeny tiny women struggle greatly with it. That’s got to mean something!

Cellulite is all we ever see on the covers of magazines come 90 degree weather, and I’m sick of it! But sadly, it shows that it is something that almost all women struggle with. 90-95% actually. It makes me cringe when I see all these doctors saying the only solutions to cellulite are things like laser and invasive needle treatments, liposuction, creams that cost my college tuition, and expensive spa memberships. LIES! There are many things that can be done to decrease the appearance of cellulite while increasing overall health. Cellulite is a sign that what is going on under the skin is not good.

Our skin is made up of multiple layers, with the very bottom being the bonding foundation for the above layers. We then have fibers that run perpendicular to our layers that keep them all in tact. (Men’s bonding fibers are slanted, which is a large reason they don’t have to worry about cellulite like we do… stupid boys.) The picture below on the left is a cross section of the skin layers with cellulite, and cellulite-free skin on the right. The grey vertical lines are the connective fibers.

So imagine a circus tent. The round tent top is the surface of our skin cell (epidermis), the ground is the bottom skin layers and muscle, and the poles are the fibers that keeps everything together. Now imagine thousands of tents all packed together. If there were tons and tons of junk, trash, bursts of air, etc. piled under each tent, it would cause the top to bloat up. Hence, what causes cellulite (picture on the left, above). Now going even further, the junk under the tent is not only fat. Our body is full of toxins that enter from the air we breathe, and foods we eat. Bowel movements and urination are ways toxins exit our body, as well as through the pores of our skin. Because of things we do or don’t do, our skin is not able to rid of these toxins the way it should be. Tight clothes we wear today are a large contributing factor to blockage of toxins, as well as built up dead skin. When these toxins are stuck inside our body, it leaves us feeling sluggish, tired, and causes sickness due to weakening the immune system. These buildups of toxins park themselves right on our hips and butt causing additional swelling of fat cells… i.e. cellulite! Think about the purpose of saunas and steam rooms! Everyone is always pressing the benefits of those, when all they do is cause sweating, which (big shocker!) releases toxins! Think about if you could increase this even more…

I am willing to bet every one of you has seen a natural body brush at Walgreens, Walmart, or Bath & Body Works and thought it was simply for massages, or exfoliating. While these are definitely benefits of using a body brush, there is so much more! By brushing your skin with this body brush for about 5 minutes daily, you will be stimulating blood and lymph circulation, removing dead skin cells, invigorating the removal of toxins through the skin, encouraging new cell growth, improving metabolism, and ridding of dead skin cells to help the body’s natural detoxification process. Whew! Lots of benefits, eh?? With all of these benefits, it has been recorded that the reduced appearance of cellulite is a benefit that will just naturally take place.

Skin (dry) brushing is so inexpensive and easy. Before getting in the bathtub or shower, simply take the brush and starting at your feet, make long strokes of the brush toward your heart, moving up your legs and then moving the brush in big circles over your tummy and back. Then do the same thing over the arms, starting with the hands. Do not brush the chest, or face, and it is not necessary to brush your skin raw. If there is severe skin reddening, lessen the pressure.

Let me just tell you– THIS WORKS. I know it sounds too easy. I know it sounds too good to be true. Of course, better eating and regular exercise both have no substitutes, but I would have not have wasted my time or yours with the mile long post if it wasn’t something I swore by. After brushing, you can literally feel the difference inside. After brushing my tummy, I can feel things starting to flow in there. You will even notice increased trips to the potty the next day with the toxins needing to go somewhere! You will know toxins are leaving your body into the potty if urine is stronger smelling and darker, and if bowels feel hot coming out (toxins!). Gross, but true. With body brushing, the heat of the shower or bath water helps the flow and toxin removal. You can also use brushing when you wake up in the morning, to help blood flow wake you up quicker, or right before a workout when you know you will be sweating; toxins will be brought to the surface and leave with the increased perspiration. I know this sounds insane, but you can get a brush at the grocery store for $5, so just try it! It worked for me and so many other people will agree. You will feel (and SEE!) a difference in a matter of no time. Come on, its bathing suit season, if you are willing to try rubbing coffee grinds all over your body, sell all your belongings for cream, or poke and prod yourself with needles, what will this hurt?! (and this will actually show results).

Please let us know your results! We would love, love to hear.



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