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why hello there,

It sure has been awhile. My summer has yet to start due to studying for my dental exam. I did get to have a nice little break for a fabulous week in my favorite city (nashvegas) with my favorite girl.

We got very lucky this year in nashville with the weather. It ended up being pretty darn perfect every single day. It was pretty miserable to come home to this super HOT weather we have been having here in Texas. This Texas heat and humidity turns my hair into a grease ball almost immediately after stepping outside.

On the days that I do actually take a break from studying and do my hair to go out, I make sure to never leave my house without my dry shampoo.

Let me just tell y’all I have tried probably every dry shampoo out there. From super cheap to more high-end products. My hair, being dark, has always been prone to look greasy especially during the summer, so I have been on a mission for quite some time to find the perfect dry shampoo that actually worked and didn’t give my hair  funky white roots. I know a lot of people who use the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo (Black Hair Powder), which leaves no white residue because of its dark color. Personally I thought it was too messy and it really didn’t really work for me. So with that said, if you love Bumble and Bumble you will definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

I found this product a couple months ago and I’m already on my second bottle. Its quite magical! It’s called Dry Cleaned by Brandon Martinez. My favorite thing about this product is you can spray it in your hair and not see any white residue like many other dry shampoo. My dark hair never could seem to get that white tint out no matter how much I shook and brushed my hair. With Dry Cleaned, you can literally spray the entire bottle and not one white speck will be on your head. And it actually soaks up all that greasy and sweat, so its great! Another awesome thing about this spray is that if your hair may just be having a lazy, limp day, a spritz of this gives it a lift and burst of volume. Even if my hair isn’t greasy,  I’ll use it just to add some shine and body (perhaps why I’m already on bottle #2… Whoops!)

I got my bottle at neimans for $22.00 or you can purchase it online. Let us know what you think and how it works for y’all!

B the product Dry Cleaned

Until my next study break



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