So.. Summertime doesn’t allow as much free time for posting as we both had hoped! The two of us just got back from a rather fantastic trip to our favorite city in the world, Nashville! We had lots of fun outfit coordinating, as well as a bit of ‘star’-gazing, comfort food indulging, and handsome cowboy-eyein’. Pictures to come soon on those activities for sure!

But as for right here, right now, I have been wanting to share this 2-minute, no hassle, no mess punch recipe that you most-likely will believe to be too good to be true. It basically is! Except for its not. I had to pull something together for a luncheon for Mama and some of her closest friends, and due to my ADDICTION to Oceanspray WhiteCran Strawberry juice, (seriously, I stockpile the stuff) I decided to use it as my base and just jazz it up, mostly for looks. Turned out pretty delicious, only judging from lady after lady begging for the recipe! They were pleasantly surprised when I showed them these two ingredients… only.


Mix the proportion to your preference, depending on how much fizzy you want! The cranberry juice is trickery enough if you want to hide the empty bottle and opt to ex the lemonade. Yummy, fresh, frozen fruit is also a must if you want to get really fancy. For entertaining, I filled the bowl with some Sonic ice and the mason jars began fillin’ up :) Hope you like!

Until sometime soon, xxoo!


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