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HOWDY! We are so, so thrilled to the bones with the amazing recognition from the oh-so-fab Junk Gypsy girls that have brought on a whole new fresh batch of wonderful new readers. You guys rock. We hope we are able to inspire for many posts to come!

So due to my wacky obsession with redecorating my house when I get bored, I found myself wanting to round up some ideas for easy breezy vanity projects with things you may already have laying around at home. Read on, superstars, read on!

Martha Stewart Hidden Bookshelf Armoire

This could so easily be used as a vanity! Stack some precious decor up top and anyone will think its nothing more than a simple storage chest. Hang a framed mirror in there with colored, stuffed-full beauty bins tucked securely behind the plexiglass shelf panels. (things won’t slide around when the its opened and closed).

AH!- annddd, how simple and perfect would it be to cut out holes in the back and screw the bulb of glass string lights through! Look out,

So this lil gem of a project was soo super fun for me. I’m sure it’s made up of stupid expensive pieces, but you get the idea! BTW, way over-priced furniture companies, my mighty can of spray paint can do that :)

Find a large leaning mirror (I found a HUGE beautiful one at HomeGoods for $150) and pull up a cute chair or ottoman, and end tables! A lamp to provide some lighting might be a fabulous idea. Anybody else get in their car after doing your makeup at home, glance in your visor mirror and wonder if you were getting ready with your eyes closed?! Maybe this is just me.. But anywho, lighting is key :)

So, this here is MY creation. I got this precious antique vanity at an antique mall in Alvin, TX for a whoppin $160! Lucky for ME, the wood matched my floor perfectly, I love LOVE the gold pulls, its small and delicate and in great shape. There was a round mirror attached to the back, but I decided I wanted to glam it up a bit. (My mom had no place for the gold mirror, so I got lucky!)

Please tell me you see my precious boyfriend curled up on the rug??

Hope you’ve been inspired! Too bad my room won’t fit 3 vanities.

xxoo, christine

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