toast to 20!

So I was given the privilege of creating a lovely tea party soirée for one lovely birthday girl, (who happens to bless many with her precious blog, Brown Eyed Girl– go read!). So many endless thank-you’s to her and her loving Mamabear, Kim, for allowing me to be a part of her fabulous celebration. And by that, what they were really giving me was a reason to dismantle my house, transferring its entire contents into the backyard, have an absolute blast putting Floral Design degree to work, spend hours shopping for anything and everything feathered, sparkly, floral, and pink, and basically unleash my ever-present-little girl dream fantasies to create a “big girl” playhouse. Pretty dreamy, eh?

For one of my first solo events, I hope I did her proud :) I just really adore teacups, porch swings, and anything glass. I’m sure the pictures will speak for themselves on that note. Enjoy!

And as if the entire party and company in itself wasn’t reward enough, this little nugget of a blessing made it even more of a perfect day. God is so, SO good. Praise Him for great friends and fun jobs :)

There are more pictures from the par-tea (heh heh, did ya catch that?) that I plan to share soon! Thanks to Kels for many of the above pictures, and again, for thinking enough of me (TRUSTING, is what I really mean) for her special day. I pray there are so many, many more to come. Perhaaappsss those be particularly in peony season?? Gotta love being a girl! For real though. It must be stupid boring being a boy.

Until next time- xxoo,


(^those closest to me will most likely appreciate that!)

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