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Allow us to tell you a bit about ourselves…

While occupying a cozy booth for hours at Maggianos, brain storming ideas for the future name of this little blog, the two of us both knew we wanted to create a phrase that described who we are. You see, we both know one another better than we know ourselves, so we were having no trouble at all describing one another. The only problem (okay, maybe two problems).. The first, neither of us believed the other could fit into just one or two short words. The other: this blog is not about us. We settled on two words that somewhat express our personalities, the places we call home, while proving that lovely things do not have to be tied down with limitations. Dazzle, don’t we all?! Daisies… what southern belle didn’t adorn her hair with a crown made of them as a little girl? Dallas, Texas. College Station, Texas. Jackson, Mississippi. Nashville, Tennessee. Two very best friends. Different in many ways, yet so very much alike. Dazzle & daisies. The best of both worlds.

 So prior to deciding to embark on this little adventure, we didn’t even know the word blog. What is a blog? Still don’t know. We choose to make this our diary, if you will, made available to anyone who cares to read. This site will be composed of personal letters to you about everything we love. We vow to be real. We vow to be honest. Through this, we will be (hopefully) helpful, and in the end, we pray we will have been some sort of inspiration to you. We can have endless posts about new ways to apply eyeliner, the right earrings for whatever the occasion, and proper ways to store shoes so they don’t collect dust, but if we have not demonstrated that beauty and the joys of life go much deeper than those things, we have completely failed. Our hope is to share that even though all of these frilly, girlie things are fun, exciting, and may make you feel great, it all means nothing if you 1), do not put the Lord first, above all else, and 2), have not yet learned how to find true happiness from the things in life money can’t buy.

 So of course, we will chat about all the things that make us girls go weak in the knees, but we refuse to be just another “beauty blog”. The both of us are so utterly thrilled to the bones to start this journey where we will challenge ourselves, encourage one another, and journal all the interesting things that happen in the process. Well, you’ve made it this far! Won’t you tag along??


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